Jewelry Appraisal Checklist

If making a new purchase, look for this same information on your sales receipt and supporting documentation. A well-prepared and comprehensive appraisal should contain sufficient information so that the reader knows exactly what the appraiser is describing. This should be presented in an easily understood format, with detailed photographs of the item being appraised. Below is a checklist of what is typically included in a professionally prepared appraisal.

☐ Diamonds

  • The 4 Cs a must; Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight

☐ Colored Gemstones

  • Hue, tone, and saturation
  • Indications of cutting quality

☐ Conditions of Grading

  • Whether mounted or un-mounted

☐ Grading system used

  • GIA, AGS, or other
  • Grading should be specific
  • Important stones should not be split graded

☐ Measurements

  • Stones should indicate all possible measurement in millimeters

☐ Enhancements

  • At least a general statement on gemstone enhancement
  • Important stones should detail specifics of an enhancement
  • Laser drilled, irradiated, fracture filled, etc.

☐ Fluorescence can impact value and should be noted

☐ Damage

  • Even minor damage should be noted

☐ A plot or map of a gemstone can be very helpful

☐ The definition of value used should be clearly stated

☐ Any limiting conditions should be clearly stated

☐ Mountings

  • Metal quality and color clearly indicated
  • Methods and quality of construction noted