Additional Services

In addition to written Appraisal Reports for any number of purposes, Gemcorp provides the following services to our clients

Consultations (no written report)

If you have a general curiosity about items you may own or have been handed down from previous generations, our Consultation service may be for you. You are encouraged to take notes and may even record your consultation. We will discuss all aspects of your item’s identity, grade, value and condition to give you the information you need so you can intelligently make any decisions about your items. Some of the reasons our clients choose the consultation service are:

  • Purchase Comparison
  • Pre-Auction Analysis
  • Stone Grading
  • Separating Costume Jewelry
  • Lab Report Verification
  • Private Party Sale
  • Stone Identification
  • Metal Quality Testing
  • Damage Assessment
  • Liquidation Options

Hypothetical Appraisal Reports

A hypothetical appraisal report is prepared for an item that no longer exists. We rely on documentation and often subjective information provided by the client. These types of appraisals usually make extraordinary assumptions and have a greater amount of limiting conditions, but can be invaluable in the right circumstances.

Expert Witness, Litigation Support and Deposition Service

We are one of the very few Appraiser-Gemologists who have the experience necessary to sort out the confusing nature of jewelry, gemstones and appraising.  We can provide professional consultation and review about opposing reports, discuss strategies with your legal counsel and help clients navigate their jewelry related legal issues. 

Disputes and Arbitration

Gemcorp, Inc. is one of the few firms in the Southeast that does arbitration reports for the resolution of disputes. Our clients include the public, insurance companies, retailers, banks and attorneys. Reports are prepared based on available data and all unformation is presented to the parties.