When you hire a jewelry appraiser, you are seeking professional advice. As in the saying, “You get what you pay for,” you should choose an appraiser on the basis of experience, never by price alone. Especially in this economic environment, some merchants have become “appraisers” and hardly understand the full scope of value and markets and often will do you a disservice by not fulfilling your needs, and not meeting your insurance company’s requirements.

As with any professional business, fees take into account professional and recurrent training, laboratory equipment, subscriptions, books and other reference materials, other business overhead, and time. Anything less than a professional appraisal document will not stand up to scrutiny in court or protect you when filing a claim.

Special, reduced rates are given for churches, synagogues, and other not-for-profit organizations.


All consultations are billed hourly in 15-minute increments at a rate of $35 per increment ($140 per hour). A consultation can include but is not limited to a review of other appraisals, critical examination of craftsmanship, business practices consultation, personal purchases, resale consultation, and discussion of auction potential. An appraisal fee, if incurred, will be billed in addition to the consultation fee.

Written Appraisals

Written appraisals are NAJA and USPAP compliant and contain a complete description of all components, grading to standards established by GIA, color digital photographs, a full explanation of grading systems used and treatments, a bound original, and a photocopy for your needs. A quote of the anticipated fee will be provided if requested. All diamonds 1.00 carat and larger will be plotted unless a GIA Diamond Grading Report already exists and is presented.

$125.00 for the first item (minimum charge)   $75.00 for each additional (on the same document)

Complex items requiring lengthy examination, having one or more single diamonds of 1.0 carats or larger, numerous shapes and sizes of gemstones, or extraordinary research will cost more.

Gemcorp prepares written appraisals for your stated purpose that meets and often exceed, the guidelines established by the strictest insurance companies, Internal Revenue, and other government agencies. A consultation fee, if incurred, will be billed in addition to the appraisal fee.

Fees are dependent upon the difficulty of the items being appraised and the extent of the evaluation and market research needed to come to a value conclusion and make a fully accurate and comprehensive report.

Specialty Reports

There are many situations that can be resolved with a report or letter that addresses your primary concern. The preparation of such reports, often in letter form, are billed as consultations, $140.00 per hour.

Out-of-Office Assignments

We have the capabilities to go anywhere to examine jewelry, whether it is your home, a bank vault, or a museum using our portable gem lab. Out-of-office appraisal assignments or those that require our expertise in court or other hearings are billed at $250.00 per hour (or the per-item fee, whichever is higher) plus out-of-pocket and travel expenses and require a signed contract with a deposit prior to the assignment being started.

We take pride in being client-focused

Accuracy, strict discretion, and your trust is all very important to us. This commitment to our clients, assures you that our services will meet the highest standards in the industry. Since 1985, our staff has been providing exceptional customer service to individuals, banks, attorneys, government agencies, the jewelry industry, as well as celebrity clients.

Payment is due the day service is rendered unless arrangements are made prior.