Your clocks are not the only thing to check with the change to Daylight Saving Time. We know also to change the batteries in smoke detectors. But wait!! There is something else.

Jewelers recommend that you have the diamond and important jewelry you wear regularly checked for security and a thorough cleaning every six months.  What better reminder than to do it when you change your clocks and batteries!

We want you love and enjoy your jewelry! Many times, you wear the same pieces every day. In doing so, it is exposed not only to normal wear and tear but sometimes impacts that can shift prongs. This is especially true for rings. Most expert jewelers will check and clean your fine jewelry at no cost.  If an issue impacting the future security of your items is found, they will make recommendations to bring it back to full serviceability. In most instances, all is well, your jewelry gets a thorough cleaning and it’s full sparkle is restored –  the best result of bringing it in!

Pendants, earrings and neckwear don’t usually get bumped around as much as rings and bracelets do, but why not have them all checked and cleaned? It is a simple matter, gives you peace of mind that it is secure and makes your jewelry look its very best!

Of course, if you hear a rattle, suspect there has been some damage or prongs are beginning to “snag” on clothing or hair, remove your ring and bring it in for inspection.  Don’t wait until the time changes!

Lastly, let every time change be a reminder to review your insurance coverage.  The values listed with your insurance company for your scheduled jewelry should be updated periodically to reflect market conditions.  Gemcorp Fine Jewelry Appraisal and Consultations recommends a review at least every five years and update if needed.

Getting on a regular schedule of cleaning and inspection will keep your jewelry as beautiful and radiant as the day you received it.  With the proper attention, your fine jewelry will be magnificent for decades!